MS 150 "City to the Shore" Call for Help

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MS 150 "City to the Shore" Call for Help

Postby WC3T » Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:28 pm

Hi DLARC members,

I received the below email from Joe DiBartolo KC2SFB, who a couple of months ago presented at the DLARC Monthly Meeting regarding volunteering for helping the MS 150 "City to the Shore" event, which takes place this year on September 24 and 25. Please consider if you can help and let him know directly. Thanks!


Hello Fellow Communicators:

Summer is upon us, and has hit us hard. Here we are in June, and the sweating (and not from the heat) is getting bad. With only 2 months before our recruitment comes to an end, we are still in the need of over 50 communicators just for check points alone, and this does not include the rest of the support positions still needed on Sept 24th & 25th.

You can volunteer using the on-line form at:

Those of you who have already volunteered, thank you very much, but again, we ask that you forward this email to any HAMS that you may know, and if you have access to a HAM mailing list, please forward to all. If you have volunteered, but have not received a confirmation, please let us know, because that means that we do not have your forms.

Well that is good for the begging right now, we would also like to make an announcement. We are very sorry to say that one of the most valuable members of our team is moving out of the area, and leaving a very large and crucial hole in our endeavors. Norm Williams (W2SPN) is moving this week, and while we wish him all the good luck in the world, Norm has been the sole person keeping our equipment, (old and mostly commercial) going for the past 7 years. Norm has donated an uncountable number of supplies and hours either, fixing radios, making 1 good radio out of 3, advising us on the technical aspects of our antennas and frequencies, and countless other duties that only someone with the heart and sole of HAM Radio can do.

With this in mind, we now start new begging for more. We are in desperate need of someone or two or three that can fill this void. As I said, we have a lot of equipment, and unfortunately when I look at it, I look like a deer in the headlights. If anyone has the experience with old equipment, and would like to step up and fill the enormous shoes of Norm Williams, our appreciation and thanks would be paramount. If at all interested, please contact us at either,, or leave a message on our phone line.

For those of you participating in Field Day, we wish you lots of luck and hope you do well, and we thank you for listening to our rant.

With Much Appreciation
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